The people at LAMIPAK don’t just produce food cartons, much more than that, we believe they are creating the kind of wonder which is changing the entire industry. It is the passion and intelligence of these people that inspires us to move forward.
We are experiencing a high-speed growth and now expanding our business around the world. It is never late to recruit and develop talented people into our global team. We always offer a range of working opportunities across country and culture boundaries, expecting qualified individuals to join this family.

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Position: Technical Engineer

Location: Thailand/Vietnam/New Zealand/Pakistan/Bangladesh/Kenya


1. Provide high quality technical service to ensure effective and reliable operation of filling machines at customer site, reinstate the equipment into the production environment.
2. Provide site service for customers as required including analyzing, troubleshooting and problem solving.
3. Reduce customers’ operational cost, ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by providing high quality services.
4. Establish and maintain a continuous positive relationship with customers including support and follow-up on customers’ concerns and problems.
5. Inform about any business opportunity discovered at the customer through the relevant channels.
6. Deliver training to customers as needed
7. Execute and complete all relevant reports in an accurate and timely manner.
8. Understand the importance of product quality and ensure a safe working environment.


1. Comprehensive knowledge on filling machines.
2. Good understanding of Aseptic packaging products application on filling machines.
3. Use of mechanical tools and measurement instruments.
4. Interpretation of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic drawings and diagrams.
5. Good English communication skills.



Position: Sales Manager

Location: Spain/Italy/Pakistan


1. Responsible for aseptic package material sales in related market and achieve the sales targets.
2. Explore and build the sales channels for aseptic market.
3. Collect and analyze market data, key players including pricing, and monitoring competitive products in related market; Contributes information to sales strategies by evaluating current product results; Identifying needs to be filled.
4. Coordinate mill and communicate the detail of order related documents, delivery, and collection of payment.
5. Set-up account development plan, including schedule & budget of marketing, operation and technical support to improve customer perception-ladder and improve the quality of sales orders.
6. Build up suitable sales organization in related market and secure resources to achieve targets.



1. Comprehensive knowledge in filling technology & operations.
2. Basic knowledge in dairy/beverage industry.
3. Exceptional commercial knowledge and selling skills.
4. Good knowledge on aseptic package preferred.
5. Basic knowledge on international trade preferred.
6. 8-10 years’ experience in Tetra Pak filling machine (1st preference).
7. Strong network in beverage/dairy/juice industry.
8. 8-10 years’ experience in sales roles and good understanding for related market, including customer network.
9. 8-10 years’ experience in distributor/channel management.
10. Rich experience in FMCG marketing, offered strategic proposal to customers in market development preferred.


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