Details and Related Aspects of Packaging Industry

The line of business of any commercial activity involves multiple levels, before the products finally reach the consumers. These levels or the nature of selling processes of goods (even services) are often classified into 2 broad terms, viz B2B and B2C. B2B is an acronym for business to business, as in goods or services sold from one company to another while B2C is a short form for the line - business to consumer that is from companies to consumers.


Hence, every company requires vendors or businesses with respect to ingredients, services for production, labeling, packaging, transportation and many other miscellaneous procedures. This is one such important aspect here, and involves the processes (both technology and manual aided) of enclosing products and goods for the purpose of protection during distribution, storage, transport (warehousing and logistics) sales and even during end use. All in all, the process of packaging is a coordinated system towards the following aspects:







These aspects get catered as the primary purpose of the industry while stages of usages (during use, post usage etc.) form an indirect part of the packaging process. Packaging influences and most importantly gets influenced by processes of production, marketing and labeling. Label-packaging is a process where packaging meets labeling via marketing, for many products directly or indirectly have written, electronic or even graphic communications mentioned on them.


Also called as package-labeling, these labels can even be mentioned on a separate label. Packaging or rather packaging companies cater to a variety of business segments like the food industry, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), medical sectors, hardware and so on. There are different types of packaging available to suit different sets of requirements; popular packaging types are as follows:


Film packaging

Paper packaging

Carton packaging

Foam packaging

Plastic boxes packaging


Either product based companies have a packaging division or department for these purposes or manufacturers utilize packaging services offered by third party packaging companies. As packaging is a process, there are many conventional and also a large number of customized packing machines catering to the needs of the packaging industry.

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