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As consumers become more environmentally conscious about the packages they buy, Lamipak is proud to introduce Lami-Natural, a sustainable packaging solution that offers an alternative in reducing your impact on the environment.

Offering the lowest carbon footprint in Lamipak’s product range, Lami-Natural achieves this by sourcing its materials from non-fossil fuel sources in it packages. Furthermore, Lami-Natural uses unbleached paper that lowers its use of chemicals during the manufacturing process, resulting in a natural brown fiber textured finish. Lami-Natural is currently available in Brick Slim and Brick Base cartons.

Available Sizes:

Silm :80ml / 125ml / 160ml / 200ml  / 250ml / 300ml / 330ml  

Base:100ml / 180ml /  200ml  / 250ml / 384ml  


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