Lamipak is a leader in the use of certified fibers for aseptic packaging. The thin aluminum foil used in Lamipak packaging helps to protect from exposure to oxygen and acts as a light barrier. Tested for correct gauge and absence of pinholes, the foil must meet standards for lamination adhesion and tensile strength.


On Line Detection

Stroboscope lighting and high speed cameras are used to monitor print quality and to achieve highest possible precision at printing stage. Continuous laser scanning of the material at lamination stage in the production process ensures detection and elimination of any production defects at finishing stage. We also measure and control Micro Bacterial load in our plant.



Finished reels are individually shrink-wrapped and loaded onto pallets, which in turn are covered with a protective shrink film. All packaging material is shipped to customers on specially treated wooden pallets and stacked according to each customer's specifications.



All commercial deliveries to export markets are shipped in full 40 & 20 foot containers. A final inspection of each pallet takes place as the containers are loaded to capacity with the shrink wrapped pallets of packaging material. Each reel and pallet carries unique identifying numbers for full traceability down to month, year and web in the production process. The data is electronically stored for future reference.



Our product is produced under food regulation hygienic conditions according to the highest quality standards. The packaging material is printed using high quality flexo and flexo-process technology. Water-based inks are used exclusively in the printing process. Multi-layer extrusion lamination with metallocene LDPE guarantees a wide sealing window in the form-fill-seal filling machines.
At the finishing stage automated conveyors, high speed slitters, robotic reel handling with film wrapping and pallet loading provides for a safe production environment.

Quality Control