Lamipak always take environment protection and sustainability development as our approach. To support this, we have made company policy for governance and always take this as a corporate social responsibility to help create the sustainable future and enduring success for customers.

Lamipak has an effective and transparent internal control for environment protection. We have our own waste water and gas emission treatment system. We also utilize environmental friendly raw materials which includes food grade ink. We continuously work with our suppliers to improve and to ensure a sustainable sourcing.

Lamipak also implemented the World Class Manufacturing system in the whole factory, to reduce the energy consumption and to operate the machines more efficiently. We believe in a holistic approach to understand and manage our environmental impacts across the product life cycle.

Lamipak is deeply committed to conduct our business in an environmentally, socially, and financially responsible manner. All employees are responsible for complying with these core values to build the cooperate culture.

Environmental Sustainability